Norwegian Branch of Foreign Company

Cross-border support

Complér has extensive experience in providing cross-border support for international businesses with operations in Norway. We help our international clients navigate the necessary steps for compliance to Norwegian laws and regulations and assist with required public registrations and reporting to authorities. Complér provides direct support to foreign companies planning to provide goods or services in Norway. We also partner with experienced and qualified lawyers for legal advice as needed.

VAT compliance and reporting

Any foreign entity selling goods or services in Norway will be required to publicly register and submit VAT returns to the Norwegian tax authorities. Complér is a licensed financial service provider under the Financial Supervisory Authority in Norway, and we are authorized to assist in these matters should you require support with regulatory VAT reporting and general compliance.

You can find more information on applicable VAT-requirements with the Norwegian Tax Administration:
VAT Registration and Reporting

Employees working in Norway

If you plan for employees to work on assignment in Norway, you will need to provide information on each employee and assignment, as well as regular payroll reporting to the authorities. Any employment on a construction site in Norway requires individual Norwegian HSE-cards.

General information on employment in Norway is found on this link from the Norwegian Tax Administration:
Requirements for Employee Registration and Reporting

Compliance Support from Complér

For business in Norway, you will need a public registration of the Norwegian branch (NUF). Additionally, to comply with registration and reporting requirements, depending on factors such as length of assignment, type of work and type of assignment. If the business falls under the definition of permanent enterprise, you will be required to submit Norwegian tax returns and annual accounts.

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